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To emerge as a leading IT company by anticipating, understanding and fulfilling client needs with elite quality solutions. We are focused on expanding our client network by delivering perfection with loyalty


By integrating different process of Information technology using state of art technology and delivering solutions, we unleash total customer satisfaction to our clients.

What makes Orange Dice Solutions special as compared to other web designing companies in Kerala ?

orange dice web design company in Kerala

Highly Responsive Web Pages

Responsive web pages are an approach of web designing that makes the website render well on different devices with different screen sizes. Orange dice always provide you with highly responsive websites than any other web development company in Kerala. Our website’s adaptability according to the platforms is very effective. We have a quick response toggle enabled in every web pages which creates a highly responsive adaptation of platforms. In mobile the website gives a different view, In Laptops, it gives another view.

orange dice web design company in Kerala

Faster Loading Pages

Faster loading pages are very essential for all the user, none of them is ready to wait. Orange dice solutions provide you best websites with faster loading pages. We work on coding using latest technologies we optimise the graphical content on the design and also optimising scripts so to load the page faster even with huge amount of content. We validate website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Also we enable compression and caching for all websites we develop. None of them do like us.

orange dice web design company in Kerala

SEO Friendly URLs

SEO friendly websites are very important in present tech era. The SEO is search engine optimisation which allows the search engines to list your website on the top of the page. For that we have to follow some strategies and coding techniques so as to work. Like an entire website, SEO extends to individual URL’s too. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of each and every page must contribute to the common SEO program. Then only it allows you to find the result by listing on the top on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

orange dice web design company in Kerala


Meta tags are small text snippets which helps in the SEO process. The Meta tags are not visible on the website you get, this Meta tags are mixed in the source code section which directly or indirectly contributes to the whole websites SEO Process. For example if we have a Meta tag web designing. Then when someone searches about Web designing, there is a high chance of listing that particular page which contains the Meta tag “Web designing”.

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