In the present era, Schools has students near to thousands or more, managing every student’s day to day affairs like fees, attendance, bus fee etc. are a humongous job for the parents and the school. So we the orange dice team made an ultimate solution for this with the most advanced online School ERP software i.e. The Exigo ERP Solutions. The Exigo ERP Solutions is a School Management Software which is a complete online School ERP which allows the school staffs and the parents to check the day to day affairs and academic information of all the students. This online school management software allows the school to store and access any data regarding any students within a simple click on the mouse. For example if you are looking for a particular students fees is paid or not, the teacher or student just need to access the software and it will let you know the fees is paid or not. This can be checked from both the Parent side, and also from the teachers’ side.

Uses of school management software?

The Exigo online school management software is very essential for the schools, because it helps the school management to efficiently manage the student data and effectively implement changes in few seconds. This allows easy operations of day to day activities like, fees collection, payroll, scheduling time table, exams etc. the main attraction is that it contains the access control on both teachers side and also parent side. The parents can login and check his/her child status in terms of studies, fees, attendance, exam reports, exams, subject wise mark, remitting fees etc. can be done. The main thing is that the parents can track the students from home itself when they are on school bus with the RFID used Tracking Technology. On teacher’s side, the teacher can check the details of the students such as fees due; create time table, exam schedules, provide downloadable like sample question papers etc. to students. The teacher can also track the students when they are boarded from bus and until they reach their house.

Cost of School Management software ?

Cost of school management software in India is about 1.5Lakhs – 2Lakhs. The price varies according to needs and features added for the client. Cost of Exigo school management software in India is just ₹ 150/- per student per year. This is the basic pack, the price varies according to the needs of the School.

EXIGO Student Management Software can be accessed offline?

Absolutely not, the School ERP system is completely accessing from an online server so that for a maximum performance you need to have an internet connection. Offline is always limited.

Student Management Software price in Kerala ?

Orange Dice Solutions offers you with different School ERP Software packages; this will vary on the basis of the requirements of the client. Our base package starts at ₹ 150/- per studnet, Advanced school management software pricing depents on the modules and requirement.

Is there is any renewal fee for School Management Software ?

Yes, as far as the software is running online, definitely there is a renewal fees for renewing the domain and the server space every year. This would be same as like a website renewal.

Does Exigo School ERP software have any security and backup factors?

The Exigo Student ERP is 100 percent secured form of connection and also not particular back up is need because it always saves data in an online server, so loss of data won’t be a problem.

Is the student management software is customizable?

The student management software is completely customizable and scalable according to needs of the user.

Exigo School ERP is available on multiple platforms?

Yes, As far as the software is running from a direct server online, so that you can access Exigo Student Management Software in any devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops etc., also accessible in Mac OS, Windows OS and Android devices. Also we provide android app for the school management software.

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Features in Exigo school management software

There are mainly 3 logins available in the Exigo school management software, they are : Admin, Teachers, Parents

Admin login is the supreme authority where this login has the full power of the software. he can assign controls, create user accounts for teacher and parents, customization contents and also provide authority to other logins to do anything on the software.

The teachers login has the basic control regarding the internal matters of the school such as fees due list, create time table, assign students with duties, schedule exams, create downloadable content like sample question papers. Create examination scorecard, reports, send SMS and alerts to parents etc.

The parent logins will be provided with the authority to check his/her child’s studies, check time tables, attendance, exam schedules, day to day activities, pay fees online and also track the student on the way to his or her home.

Why EXIGO School Management Software?


The Exigo student management software is simple and easy to use online portal, which allows the parents and the teachers a maximum transparency about the details about a particular student.

Web Based Software

The Exigo is Student Management ERP is fully online school software; the details will be stored in an online cloud so that the authorized person can access it anytime he/she wants from any place of the world.

Customer Centric

The Exigo School Management software is aimed at creating a positive experience for the customer by maximizing our services and extends our support to each and every customers and building a positive relations with our clients.

Low Cost Distribution

The Exigo Student Management Project is fully distributed among the clients in a very small rate as compared to other ERP software.


Exigo Student Management System is fully customizable according to the needs of the clients, so that you will get a canny control over the system which you own.

What are the Features in EXIGO School Management ERP?

The main features of the Exigo student management software is can’t be defined in one or two sentence it’s a vast ocean of features that no other Student ERP Software can offer. There will be many login options are available in this software, one is the student login were a particular student can access his/her information, the next one is the teachers log in, the teacher login allows the teacher to set the time tables monitor everything and edit details. The third login is the parent login. This login allows the parents to keep an eye on their children i.e. about their academics etc. The main features of this student management software can be explained on the basis of heads. The Student management system modules are as follows;


The student management tab is for showing the entries of the students enrolled in the school database. This tab shows the complete details of a particular student with photo along with a feature of automated roll number generation, and also class wise individual student report.


This tab deal with the day wise attendance of all the students, and allows the user to get daily monthly and yearly attendance reports of all the students or particular students within seconds. This has feature called SMS Alerts system. If the student is absent the automated SMS system will send to the mobile number of the parent, letting them know, that their student is absent today.


This tab allows creating, editing, deleting daily timetable for a particular class or a student, and also allows the admin to set the teachers daily timetable and the off periods on this student management software.


This tab allows you to set exam schedules, publish exams, and to conduct online exams. This feature also allows you to create complete examination reports including schedule and marks of each exams and students respectively


This tab play a vital role in the finance section of an institution, this is completely based on the payroll management, this tab allows you to create a very well structured payroll data, and also allows to generate pay slips and salary reports of the employees.


This section is based on the students’ fees record. This tab give access to all the students’ fee related data such as Tuition fees, bus fees etc. here we can also create fees receipt, the fee due remainder for students who are not paid the fees via SMS. And also generate paid reports to those who paid the fees along with slips.


This login contains different tabs such as Alerts; which gives latest alerts from the school or relating to your student including bus arrival. The section called downloads and news tab which gives latest downloadable for your child such as sample question papers, exam timetables etc. Also provide information regarding fee details like, fees dues, fees paid, exam schedules and the exam result (subject wise sorted and aggregate separately).


same as parent tab the alert sections serves to provide alerts from the school and also from the parents for the things that a teacher must be aware of. This tab gives a feature called attendance registration which allows the teachers to create the attendance table and also create timetables for the students.


this allows the parent and both teachers to know about the route map where the student travel in the school bus in a day, and also give information to both teacher and parent about the current bus stop, next bus stop and previous bus stop. This also includes bus fare details of each student, driver and assistants details including name and phone number. The highlighting feature of this section is the RFID, i.e. the infrared ID which generates a full functional tracking system which attached to the id card of every student that will start tracking from the student enters the bus and leaves the bus including time and route map. This will help the parents to get tension free.


This section is about the library section were consist of the book issue and returned reports, book categories, authors, publishers, shelf management, book stock details etc. can be controlled and monitored from this section.


This tab helps in maintain the stock category management, including managing the suppliers and contact listing and also the current stock details.


This tab allows you to create accounting modules with well-defined accounting categories including voucher management, record accounting transactions, create journals and ledgers, Daybook, Trail balance etc.


This area completely rest in with alerts and notifications, give suitable alerts, notification and news to the concerned logins.


This allows you to create standard reports, custom reports, data analysis and graphically represented reports of any section data available on the database in a simple click.


The advanced features that are in the school management software is the School Bus Tracking. The Exigo student management software allows the concerned logins to track a student using the RFID that is attached to the students ID Card. Each time the student must swipe the card on machine on the entrance door, so that students tracking system will be turned on and when the student leaves the bus he or she need to swipe again to stop tracking. The concerned reports will be sending to the parents via SMS alerts or tracking system alerts. This same RFID can be used to automatically generate attendance on class and also online fee payment of a particular student.


Exigo School ERP updated with online class and online exam features, Students can access classes via Android app and can complete exams. Online class modules can be restricted to non paid students.

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