Orange Dice Solutions administers mobile applications for educational institutions to organise online classes with payment gateway facility to collect fees. These apps are to be custom made with individual institution’s name and logo along with the plus point of giving validity to their preferences and opinions.

The apps comprise an institute managing software in the back end while running the mobile app at the front end. Online class mobile application includes aspects such as institute management software, recorded classes and chapter wise exams. The focal appeal of these apps are that screen recording is disabled making it impossible for possible illegal recording from the students’ part to pass them on improperly. These apps can be used from one particular device using a single username and password which further deteriorates any possible threats from imposters. This feature of id lock with username is another relevant point to mention.

Play stores provide these applications from where students can download them and use them for their educational benefits. They are able to choose their institutions using the logos and can download them. Students have the freedom to select courses and purchase them to start or even continue their education. Options are available for online fee payment along with beneficial services like exams after a chapter that makes a student eligible to continue studying and move onto second chapter which can help the students to update their competence.

Orange Dice Solutions

Adarsha Nagar, Thuthiyoor,
Kakkanad, Kochi,
Kerala, India