The Word IT is now becomes an unavoidable phenomenon. Learning more about information technology is the only way now available to survive. We the Orange Dice Solutions one of the best training institute in Kerala provide you with wide varieties of certified IT related courses along with on job training. We mainly concentrate on the practical basis other than theory concepts. Most of the institute moves on with some theory and ultimately they provide a small bit of practical section. We are against this kind of methods. We straight away bring our students to the practical sections and then train them along with theories and concepts. So this allows the students easily grab the portion and no chance of forgetting it. By doing this we analyze the students whether they are fit for a professional job. If the students successfully completes the journey through the studies, then our expert teachers makes the decision that whether you are fit or not, if you prove yourself fit then we will add you to our team with a good amount of salary and incentives.

Courses we offer

We Offer courses in Web Designing, PHP , SEO and Mobile app development (Both android and Ios).All these courses are individual package and each of them cost different fees. You can also choose add on other courses, so that the fees will be lesser than individual package and receives a good amount of discount. All the courses we mentioned will get authentic and a valid certificates, if you are working for orange dice we will also provide you the experience certificate for the period you worked for us.

Above all that we do and help good aspirants to do their academic projects for B.Tech, BSc Computer Science, MSc Computer Science, MCA and BCA students at an affordable fees. This will allow you to learn, think and develop various accepts of your projects.

1. How much is the cost for Web designing course?

In Orange Dice solution, the fees for studying web designing course is Rupees 20000/-. Addition of other courses to an existing course then the amount of fees will fluctuate.

2. Benefit of studying mobile app development?

The current era is running on mobiles, not on laptop. Everyone is doing everything on mobiles and tabs so that the concept of mobile app become a global phenomenon. Now we can do anything on mobile that we can do in a laptop. So that everyone prefers mobiles instead of laptops. So studying mobile app development courses means that you’re developing your skill to the future. This is the future, the importance of app developers in all IT firms are topping up. So definitely a secured job is waiting for you if you study mobile app development.

3. How much is the cost for learning mobile app development ?

In Orange Dice solutions, the fees for studying mobile app development course of both android and ios is Rupees 20000/-.

4. What are the portions that cover in PHP Course?

We cover the portions such as Core PHP, Code Igniter, Ajax, CSS, J-Query, Bootstrap, HTML5, CS3, and Responsive Web Designing. The course fee is 20000/-

5. Why is SEO essential for a website?

SEO is search engine optimization, this is the methodology were the owners get more traffic to their websites based on the specific keywords help in generating high web traffic and shows your website at the top of search engines. So by doing the SEO Training Courses you can learn how we do the SEO effectively in website and tricks and tips for making the website more traffic friendly.

6. What are the portions that cover in SEO?

We cover the portions such as On-Page Search Engine Optimization, Off Page Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research and Integration, Image Optimization guidelines, Google Analytics and Reporting, Building Back links, Site Speed & SEO Audits, URL Optimization, Redirection, htaccess, robot.txt and its importance in both practical and theory.

7. What are the portions that cover in Web designing Course?

We cover the portions such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design techniques etc

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