What is an E-Commerce website?

E-commerce websites area unit online portals that facilitate online transactions of products and services through mean that of the transfer of materials and funds over the web. Now, with one website, something and everything can be purchased for our needs in one place and will be successfully delivered to your destination. People’s culture fashion and everything can be sectioned from a website itself. The main examples of E-Commerce websites are Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Alibaba, eBay, Yepme etc.

How E-Commerce websites serve your business?

Orange dice solutions are one of the best and leading e-commerce website designers in Kerala. We give you the most efficient, responsive and fast loading e-commerce website in comparatively low cost. Our e-Commerce website helps you in the following matters;

Reach Potential Customers

E-commerce website helps your business to reach potential customers very easily without any paid promotions or campaigns or ads.

One Platform for All

E-commerce websites help you to sell all your products in a very much common platform that you don’t need different platforms to sell your different products.

Wider Reach

Wider reach is a very essential thing for every business. The e-commerce websites allow a wider reach to people because it works on the internet. A large number of people are now on the internet or depend on the internet so the wider reach and scope are not a problem.


As of everything through the internet, the cost incurred in running an e-commerce website is very low as compared to traditional business.

Features of the best e-commerce website?

E-Commerce websites are very effective modes of business sites for sales and service-related businesses. We the orange dice solutions are the best web designing company in Kerala who provides very effective e-commerce websites throughout India. The e-commerce websites we provide has a number of features, they are:

An integrated blog or articles section

We provide you a blog section where you can write about your website and its contents. Logs have become associate integral a part of SEO and are very important to businesses as a result of blogging may be a good way to unfold word of mouth. Customers don’t accept ads anymore; they like opinions from family, friends, and other people they trust. If a client is reading their favorite journal and is available across a piece of writing. They’re going to possibly trust it quite seeing a poster.

Content management capabilities

The e-commerce website must offer multiple levels of caching and each section should be fully customizable. Adding more and more entries day to day is to be scalable. For a business new products add in day by day, so that the admin must have an ease of use, i.e. The interface and content must be easily customizable and also possess the power withhold large and different types of contents. The main features that to be possessed are,
1. Stable System
2. Easy Content Editors
3. Advanced Security
4. Online marketing tools
5. Multilingual support
6. Mobile Support
7. Reliable bug fixing

Search engine optimized codes and layout

We provide the e-commerce websites with fully functioned SEO enabled. The SEO function enables your website to top the search engine list which helps your business to gain wider reach than any other online shopping websites.

Multi Payment Options

All online shopping websites have different options for payment methods. Increased number of payment sources will drive the customer to make the payment like credit cards, debit cards, paytm, Google pay, etc.

An easy-to-use checkout

Make an easy to use checkout option to avoid confusion among the customers. The most complicated sort of check out option creates confusion among the people and they may be forced to quit your website.

Omnichannel support

This means if an online shopping website has it's on physical market for direct buying and selling, they can also start an e-commerce website for the same stock existed in the physical shop. It’s an integration process that allows the customer to order something from a physical shop via online. The stock can be supplied from a direct shop from any of the branches it has. That doesn’t affect the customer and this can be easy for the particular business to enhance the business to a wider area and increased sales.

Reseller Options

If you have a website with enough number of reach but no product variant, so that some other business can reach you and put on their product on your website by simply opening a page for them, that business will become the companies’ reseller. By the way, the reputation of your business and reach of your business increase by the same time increased sales and profit can be attained by the parent business itself. This is a vital feature in all successful online shopping business.

Get A Quote For E-Commerce Website

1. How much Online Shopping website costs?

E-commerce websites are the most demanding forms of the website, so because of that, all web designers charge a huge amount of rate for designing an e-commerce website. But we orange dice solutions have the smartest offer for our clients. Our basic package for an online shopping website is just 35000/- rupees. The range varies according to the needs of the customer. But we orange dice solution assures you the biggest and smartest website than anyone offer.

2. Is there is any special payment for the payment gateway option ?

The payment gateway plans is now available from zero initial payment ; no payment has to make for this option to be availed on your website. But there will be an Annual Maintenance Cost and banking charge for payment gateway. This can be paid in a year basis.

3. Guest check out option benefits online shopping websites?

By adding a guest checkout option, you can make your sales even bigger and faster. If a person is randomly visiting your online shopping website and seeing the contents, then they realised and try purchasing one product. And if the procedure finds easy without registering with email id or creating passwords, an easy phone number checkout of added. All the people drive to purchase the product because of the easy choice of checkout.

4. How to earn money from e-commerce websites?

You can earn money from e-commerce websites by selling your products via online by direct checkout options. You can also invite some resellers to your website to sell their products. From this, you will get a point of commission from the person who sells through your website for each item sold via your website.

5. How to make e-commerce websites safe?

The entire e-commerce website we provide to clients is 100 percent safe. Every money transaction is moving out through a secured source. We use premium SSL i.e. the secured socket layers to prevent any fraudulent activities conducted. The customers’ information and credentials are 100 percent safe.

6. How to promote an e-commerce website?

The social media integration is the best option to quickly make your e-commerce website to get wider reach. The e-commerce websites are better performed when there is a social media handle on a particular website. This will make your business to reach the general public.

7. How the blog area for e-commerce websites is helpful?

The blog area is very much effective in business promotions because the admin can make a note as a blog about the business, products and new arrivals this will lead the seeker to learn the blog and that will drive him to the point where he can buy something from your website. We the orange dice solutions provide a blog section on the website so as to ensure the reliability of your business to the public.

8. How SEO Works on E-Commerce websites?

SEO is a very effective part of the success of an e-commerce website. With an effectively implemented SEO, the website will be listed in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. moreover when people search for something on search engines, if that product is available on your online shopping website, there is any high chance of listing that in the result. This is an effective way to sell product in this competitive world.

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