Your Website is Like an Employee who is Always Awake and Attentive

Published on : July-19-2016
Written by : Pravin

Most small businesses in India would be interested in providing information to potential customers even after their office hours are over.

These so called SME's (or Small Business Enterprises) would also be interested in selling to customers without having to tie up expensive employee time to explain basic information.

Your Website is Like an Employee who is Always Awake and Attentive

Many businesses would also welcome the possibility of being able to sell to their clients without having to purchase or display inventory in a store.

Many sales oriented businesses would also like to be able to collect contact information on prospects with detailed information on their customer's needs.

Last but not least businesses would like to be able to provide prospects with updated information that does not need to be printed in the form of expensive brochures that are often "filed" in the nearest waste basket.

All five of these strategic advantages are available to anyone who makes a modest investment in a well designed and informative web site. Yet Orange Dice Solutions, a leading web developer in Kerala, still comes across businesses that are willing to waste money on surplus employees on a recurring monthly basis.

These people are not utilized efficiently and so spend some of their valuable time standing in a store doing nothing. Their employers, while wasting money on partly unproductive staffing, balk at making the one time investment in a web site that achieves the five strategic advantages listed above.

If these otherwise shrewd businesspeople, invested in their own 24 hours X seven days a week open web site, they would also achieve the following:

  • 1
    Help the business develop & design an attractive public personality that is visible online to prospects all over Kerala, India and even all over the world.
  • 2
    Make the business especially visible to anyone who is looking for information in the same field.
  • 3
    Reach potential customers earlier in the sales cycle while they are still collecting information that could lead to a possible purchase.

For example, if a company is selling products and services to other companies, they could provide useful information and advice on their web site that would be visible to prospects searching for similar information using a search engine like Google or Bing.

The trade organization FICCI ( Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry) recently commissioned a study which found that overall less than ten percent of small business to business enterprises had their own web sites. This astonishing statistic flies in the face of logic as previously explained, particularly as the one time cost of a web site is less that the cost of two or three beverages a day!

Web developers should be identifying the larger of these business to business enterprises and offering them inexpensive starter web sites which would at least put them on the Internet and benefiting from the sheer reach and flexibility that the web offers entrepreneurs. India's service businesses like Hotels, Software Consultants, Ad Agencies etc are almost 100 percent online. It's high time their Business to Business manufacturing and trading brethren followed suit.

Small business employers are always looking to get their employees to work longer and harder. It's high time they realized that their web site never stops working for them, takes no bathroom breaks and costs next to nothing over time.

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