Orange Dice Solutions is a Kerala based web design and web development company with a franchise office in Thiruvalla, Alappuzha, Kollam and Pathanamthitta. We are providing static, dynamic and Ecommerce web design services in all over Kerala and Middle east. We have more than 1000 clients for web design and seo services in Thiruvalla and near by.

For a good website, you have to choose the best web designing company for designing your website and also maintain that for the entire life. But that is a very difficult task for a business to find the best web designers and web designing company. That’s why we the Orange Dice Solutions offer you with good and aesthetic websites which attracts the visitors and eventually make them to your best customer. We provide you web design service with powerful SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization, which allows your websites to reach the top of the search results in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. We create responsive websites which will be automatically adjusts its design and lay outing based on the device ( Mobile, Laptop, Tablets) use. If you are visiting your website via phone, then the website will automatically adjust with the screen size depending upon the operating software which the phone runs which allows you to get maximum experience of the visual design and response. The above mentioned features are the excellence and creativity of a web designer. We mainly provide customers with both dynamic and static websites. The dynamic websites contents are more responsive and easily editable by yourself, you don’t need to worry about calling us to edit your website. It includes adding images, changing texts, making new listings etc. The other type of website are static websites which are not editable form your side. For that you have to make a call to us. But we provide responsive and SEO Friendly websites for both packages.

Contents of a good website?

A good websites lots of visible and invisible contents that makes it good and perfect.
Those visible factors are: -

1 The website must have a good design that a web designer must create a classy and drive the visitor to read it.
2 A Good website must have a good about section which briefly explains about your business which will helps your business to communicate with the clients easily.
3 Make the contents Clear & Concise, do not make confusion among the visitor, just throw them right to the point they want.
4 Must do proper SEO for your websites, which helps you to get more leads to the business.
5 Each and every page must contribute towards the goal of the business.
6 Must attach the social media references so that customers can reach to your business more close.
7 Well defined Contact section with proper address, email id and phone number along with location markup of the Google map just to show the location of your business.

What technologies are used to build websites?


How much does it cost to web design in Alappuzha ?

Cost of websites different from the needs of the customer and packages they choose. Orange Dice provide you with cost effective websites that is very much responsive, SEO friendly and with a faster loading time. The basic website we create for our customer is at ₹ 8000/- which includes the domain registration and 1GB server space for your website.

How long does it take to build a website

We, the orange dice is the best web designing company in Thiruvalla, Kerala, and with more than a decade of experience, we can create responsive and SEO friendly websites within 7 working days of making the advance payment. We can create websites for you within 2 days but we aims at customer satisfaction more than time, so we first design and confirms that whether it suits you and then make necessary changes according to customer needs then we will run bug test and undergoes debugging process, correct all errors and check the whole website in three stage quality check.

How much does domain and hosting renewal cost?

Domain renewal depends on the domain name extension, .in renewal below 500 and .com renewal below 750. Server ( hosting) renewal depends upon the plan, basic 1800 inr with emails id's.

Why Orange Dice Solutions?

We are in this business from more than a decade, so that we know the current market and how to make use of it, because we have a dedicated and hardworking team who constantly updates and making websites with their own creative genius. Moreover we do websites not just for monitory benefits we do the business to make the clients business much higher than others. That motto or that objective made Orange Dice solutions, the best web designing company in Thiruvalla. In a very short span of time we created a decade of excellence and that journey was not so easy. But we still keep our momentum stable and created a good customer relationship which made us to the top. Our professionals are dedicated to contribute their talent in producing cutting-edge products to deliver a cut above. Our team employs a variety of contemporary tools depending on what part of production process, they are involved in. These tools are updated over time with changing trends and technology.

We are now on the Top 10 website designing companies in Thiruvalla, and out next goal is to be the best web designing company in India. We also running our business in Middle East and we have enough clients and slowly grabbing the trust and worthiness of the UAE. We create best websites in Thiruvalla, one among the few companies who are willing to serve the clients clean.

How Orange Dice deliver a successful website?

We develop websites for clients not just by hearing their needs; we basically do that in a set of procedures.

1) When a client approaches us we will do analyzes on the market to identify the current trends about the products or service that our client has to offer.
2) After collecting all necessary information from our research team. Then we create a group of packages with different attributes, after analyses we bring forward the best possible package for your website.
3) Next we do create an analysis about the business that how they are currently working what is the result they obtain now and much more. After making the report we create an action plan so to improve the business furthermore.
4) Then we create aesthetic and creative designs for the particular business.
5) Then we adopt strategies to make the website load and faster and responsive than other websites.
6) Making it more secure by putting on secure socket layers, i.e. 100% SSL to protect your website from hackers. We provide genuine SSL’s that is premium ones, we do not support free SSL because they are not 100 percent secure.
7) Then we publish the page and start doing proper SEO to make your website visible to more people and to make the website in the top listing of all search engines.
8) We constantly checking the page and maintain our services properly so as to make your website continue smoothly.
9) Make the reference to other social media platform to create more engagement and efficient growth.
For good customers we provide special AMC Packages that we keep an eye on your website 24/7 to keep them secure and to work efficiently.

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