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Your Website is Like an Employee who is Always Awake and Attentive

Most small businesses in India would be interested in providing information to potential customers even after their office hours are over. These so called SME's (or Small Business Enterprises) would also be interested in selling to customers without having to tie up expensive employee time to explain basic information.

Many businesses would also welcome the possibility of being able to sell to their clients without having to purchase or display inventory in a store.

Many sales oriented businesses would also like to be able to collect contact information on prospects with detailed information on their customer's needs.


Blog published on July-19-2016

A Website Helps You Reach People When It Matters Most

Most businesses tend to calculate return on investment (ROI) on their marketing investments, but many do a poor job of tracking the leads that come through their web site. This is a shame because many experts agree that their web site (both regular and smart phone renditions) is probably the single most cost effective source of leads.

It is instructive to look at patterns of Internet usage in the US and UK. according to s Wall Street Journal study, US, Americans spend a whopping 2.5 hours a day on average online with 25 percent of that spent on Social networks like Facebook. Amazingly Americans still spend an average of five hours per day watching television, possibly on account of an older population with more retirees. Another 20 percent on average is spent on email.

Pravin Joseph Philip

Blog published on August-25-2016

Businesses Must Design Responsive Web-Sites If They Want To Grow

RESPONSIVE DESIGN: INTERNET USAGE NOW COMES IN ALL SHAPES & SIZES: In August 2014, the CEO of Google predicted that India's Internet population would (at 250 million users), surpass the US in 2014. Indian users access the Internet using a bewildering array of gadgetry from antiquated school computers to the latest phones, tablets and fablets. Hence the need to retrofit old sites and build new sites that load quickly and cheaply using "responsive design."


Blog published on August-19-2016

Seven Principles To Remember When Developing An Digital Marketing Strategy

Brief your web developer well about your market so that his expertise can combine effectively with your business knowledge. Let's face it most of us business owners think we are marketing experts. But online marketing is a different world which needs a fresh review of strategy. So pick a web developer who can help you arrive at, and also periodically fine tune your online strategy.

Pravin, Joseph Philip

Blog published on December-06-2016

Looking for a Web Designer? What you should be really looking for?

A lot of big and small businesses are looking for a web designer that’s apt for them. How do you select a good one? How do you decide on that right move? Well, what we have to say below might help you. These are what you should be looking for in a web designing client.

Bipin Joseph Odattil

Blog published on April-19-2019

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