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We the orange Dice Solutions emerged out of nowhere to redefine the world of information technology and its terminologies in Kerala. On 2009 we started our journey with a very small section of activities with a very small group of peoples. When we started the journey we never thought that was the journey to inspire the people. But we move forward with conscious actions and finally that led us to the biggest web designing and software Development Company in Kerala. Orange Dice Solutions is the web designing company that made many businesses to a whole new next level. More than 1000+ customers took our company to the top of the industry. Well beyond web designing and software we have lots of other streams in which our company proved ourselves valuable to the public. We have a well-defined school management software developed by our own developers and created The main reason behind to hold this title is the strong principles and dedicated team members that consider work is worship. That team work released the utmost hard work. And that unstoppable force took us to one of leading web designing and software Development Company in Kerala. Orange Dice Solutions lead you to be creative and productive. The experienced and dedicated team members of orange dice solutions help you to take creative solutions and enable your business to cross the cross-country boundaries. We also have an effective bus tracking system. Our team revisited the technological terminologies to assemble one of the prime and useful piece of software for the current scenario. This tracking is very effective for the underage students’ parents to track down their child whether he is boarded in the bus from school, each stop arrivals and also he/she arrived at school. All these things are maintained by mobile app, which is also developed by orange dice solutions. We have also other streams such as Effective SEO works, Digital Marketing, Conducting college projects and also we conduct classes in software development and web designing.

The product varieties we put forward are the best possible option for the greater things. If we say that, we will help you put your business beyond borders, we mean it because we are the living example for you. When we started our company, it was just a group positive trained aspirant planning to move forward. With the success story of 1000+ customers, we continue our domination on this field. We created websites of different varieties such as tourism website, hospital website, content writing websites and much more. We also have bulk sms feature for web promotion and also email marketing for the customers. We started our first office at Kollam and now we have branches different parts of Kerala. More than that we opened our office on Middle East. So we are not just offering some words to attract you, we proved that we can, so why you can’t. With the whole hearted support from orange dice solutions on all aspects of your business, believe us your business will shift the gear and move forward faster. We value our clients more than anything, so that for all the services we have, we render it out for you with utmost respect and trustworthy. Still our saga continues to all new level and we hope that we will become even bigger.

To emerge as a leading IT company by anticipating, understanding and fulfilling client needs with elite quality solutions. We are focused on expanding our client network by delivering perfection with loyalty.

By integrating different process of Information technology using state of art technology and delivering solutions, we unleash total customer satisfaction to our clients.

What makes Orange Dice Solutions special as compared to other web designing companies in Kerala ?

Highly Responsive Web Pages

Responsive web pages are an approach of web designing that makes the website render well on different devices with different screen sizes. Orange dice always provide you with highly responsive websites than any other web development company in Kerala. Our website’s adaptability according to the platforms is very effective. We have a quick response toggle enabled in every web pages which creates a highly responsive adaptation of platforms. In mobile the website gives a different view, In Laptops, it gives another view.

Faster Loading Pages

Faster loading pages are very essential for all the user, none of them is ready to wait. Orange dice solutions provide you best websites with faster loading pages. We work on coding using latest technologies we optimise the graphical content on the design and also optimising scripts so to load the page faster even with huge amount of content. We validate website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Also we enable compression and caching for all websites we develop. None of them do like us.

SEO Friendly URLs

SEO friendly websites are very important in present tech era. The SEO is search engine optimisation which allows the search engines to list your website on the top of the page. For that we have to follow some strategies and coding techniques so as to work. Like an entire website, SEO extends to individual URL’s too. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of each and every page must contribute to the common SEO program. Then only it allows you to find the result by listing on the top on search engines like Google, Bing etc.


Meta tags are small text snippets which helps in the SEO process. The Meta tags are not visible on the website you get, this Meta tags are mixed in the source code section which directly or indirectly contributes to the whole websites SEO Process. For example if we have a Meta tag web designing. Then when someone searches about Web designing, there is a high chance of listing that particular page which contains the Meta tag “Web designing”.

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