What is the need for SEO?

Now days due to sheer competition every website is struggling for its existence in the listings of search engines, according to what the users are searching for. An important characteristic of Search Engine Optimization is formulating your website easy for both users and search engine tools to identify and list. Although search engines have been developed to a high degree of complexity, in several ways they still can't understand and index a web page as we manually do. SEO facilitate the engines to discover what each page is about, and help in listing the requested or similar pages. We at Orange Dice assure you making your website easier for the search engines to locate and list quickly as well as enhancing your grades in those search engines for specific keywords.

Cost for SEO Service in Kerala

Cost for SEO is depends upon the business type and Keyword competition. If the existing site is seo friendly then cost will be less otherwise need to optimise existing site so the cost will increase.

How Orange Dice develop a successful SEO?

To develop a successful SEO, we start with analyzing some essential factors. Our SEO professional and online gurus have conducted several surveys to find what works and what does not, when it comes to develop successful SEO. Here are some factors which enable us to achieve our objectives:

Analyze present status

If you already have a website and want to find your ranking at the top, we first analyse your existing website for onpage seo and page speed like seo facts. After reviewing the data we come up with the modifications and improvements required for the website.

Organization analysis

This analysis is a kind of market review and keyword research. We go through the company profile to gain an understanding about the work and it help in carving specific keywords. This in turn helps us to lift the website to top positions in the list.

Website coding and optimization plan

After performing the marketing review and keyword research we have a technical optimization stage. In this stage, we script the codes; insert titles, keywords and tags, congregated from different sources into each page of the website. In order to catch the top positions, we regularly update the website with new contents and keywords.

Creative and strategic designing

Our professionals are dedicated to contribute their talent in producing cutting-edge products to deliver a cut above. Our team employs a variety of contemporary tools depending on what part of production process, they are involved in.

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